RENEGADE THINKING from the Founder/CEO of Renegade AND the author of "The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing."

Events / Speaking Engagements


• June 14th Cvent Connect (Main Stage Presenter, Panelist)
• June 9th The Social Media Shakeup (Moderator)
• May  11th IBM Amplify 2015 (Influencer)
• March 24th The CMO Club Summit (Moderator, CMO TV interviewer)
• January 14th The CMO Club Dinner (Keynote on Personal Branding)
• January 12th Social Media Today Webinar (Presenter)


• November 14th Duke University (Speaker at Marketing Class, Career Weekend)
• October 24th The CMO Club Summit (Ran Personal Branding Workshop, CMO TV interviewer)
• September 16th The CMO Club Dinner (Keynote on Social Media Success)
• June 30th Wine & Beer Technology Symposium (Keynote speaker, panelist)
• June 12th Duke NY (Presenter, Moderator)
• March 25th The CMO Club Summit (Ran Personal Branding Workshop)
• March 10th SxSW Panel of Mobile Marketing (Presenter, Moderator)


• October 23rd Useful Media Social Media Service Summit (moderator, blogger)
• October 14-15th Pivot Conference (blogger)
• October 13th Realtime Marketing Lab (Help Desk, blogger)
• October 10th The CMO Club Summit (moderator, blogger)
• September 19th Incite Summit (moderator, blogger)
• August 22th Social Media Insider Summit (panelist)
• April 27th The CMO Club Summit NY (blogger)
• March 4-5th Brite Conference (blogger)
• February 11th Social Media Insider Summit (gameshow host/panel moderator)
• January 31st Duke NY DEMAN (organizer, speaker)


• November 27-28th Social Media Summit (blogger)
• October 25-26th The CMO Club Summit SF (blogger, video interviewer)
• October 14-15th Pivot Conference (blogger)
• August 25th Social Media Insider Summit (panelist)
• April 24th The CMO Club Summit NY (blogger )
• March 12th CTAM Webinar (Moderator)
• Jan 27th Social Media Insider Summit (panelist)


• July 12th Optimist Network breakfast (MC & presenter)
• July 12th Duke NY Entertainment, Media & Arts panel discussion (MC)
• April 27th The CMO Club Summit NY
• March 30 DIMX Conference (keynote)
• March 23 BDI’s The Social Consumer (roundtable host)
• March Effie panel judge
• February 8th Social Media Week DMCNY at Pace University (keynote)

Past Events/Speaking Engagements

• Columbia Business School Alumni social media event
• PRSA Webinars (speaker)
• CTAM B2B Summit (panel moderator)
• Bulldog reporter (panelist on webinar)
• BRANDWEEK’s Next Big Idea Conference (speaker)
• The IAAA “Out of the Box” conference in Amman, Jordan (speaker)
• WOMMA’s Boot Camp (speaker)
• DM Days (speaker)
• NYAMA Guerrilla Marketing roundtable
• The CMO Club (speaker)
• Duke Club of NY

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